Advantages of Security Door Hinges

In the past, homes used to be designed with exterior doors that opened outwards.  The main reasons for the design were as follows:

  • Doors that swung inwards would take up additional space in the interior of the home. 
  • You could escape from a house faster with in the event of a fire.

Yes, these were both advantages of exterior doors that opened outwards.  However, this would also leave the hinge pins exposed for thieves making it very easy to break in a house.

Security Hinges are typically used on outswing doors to provide additional security for your home or items.  The purpose of a security hinge is to prevent someone from removing the hinges from the door and ultimately taking the door off to break into your home.  There are typically 3 kinds of security hinges on the market:

  1. Security Tab or Stud Hinges – Security tabs are features on butt hinges that lock the two leaves of the hinge together when the door is closed.  The tab on the right side down in the picture locks with the hole on the left side locking the hinges in place.  This way, if the pin is removed or if the barrel is cut off of the hinge the two leaves are locked into each other, you would have to pry the frame away from the door in order to remove it from the opening.  These hinges are great for residential use in your home or outside.
    security tab hinge

  2. Non-Removable Pin Hinges – This is a common feature in most commercial door hinges, but is also available for residential use. Non-removable hinges are exactly what they sound like.  You cannot remove or pop out the hinge pin which prevents you from removing the door to break in.  In order to remove the door, someone would have to cut the barrel off of the hinge.
    non-removable pin hinge
  1. Continuous Hinges also known as Piano Hinges – These are typically not used on your home, but are considered security hinges because someone would need to cut the hinge entire length of the door in order to break in. This also covers any type of gap between the frame and the door leaving no room to pry the door on the hinge side.
    continuous hinge

Hinge Outlet, Inc carries some hinges that have the advantage of a Non-Removable Pin and a Security Tab for unbeatable security.  For more information about security hinges, please contact us.

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  • Kevin - September 07, 2017

    Question on your security tab hinges. Does it matter how these are installed? For instance, should the tab side attach to the door or the frame, or doesn’t it matter? thanks, Kevin

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