ZZem Screw Door Security Hardware - Residential Screw Hole Repair Kit - #9 x 3 Inches - 4 Pack, 8 Pack, or 12 Pack Available


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SKU: ZZem-4

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ZZem Screw Hole Repair kit is an innovative way to fix your worn out screws holes and provide extra security for your family.
Product Description:
  • PATENTED STRIPPED SCREW HOLE REPAIR: innovative new ZZem Screw takes care of an age-old problem in home repair: Like, sagging heavy and hard-to-close doors caused by stripped or loose screws. For Door Hinge Repair, Gates, Locks, Latches, Hand rails. (For Wood only!)
  • EASY INSTALLATION: ZZem Screw repair kits include the correctly sized drill bit, Torx and Phillips bits, and screws — all you provide is a drill. With simplicity in mind, it's easy and permanent!
  • IMPROVE HOME SECURITY: home defense ,extending the holding power of screws in hinges and latches deep into the door framing, ZZem Screw will help reinforce the weak points of your doors. This newly patented design will help protect you and your family,
  • USE IN ANY WOOD FRAME: The screws which hold the hinge or latch plate are threaded into the metal of the ZZem Screw, providing superior holding power and resistance to forceful entry.
  • FAST AND EASY SOLUTION! This product provides affordable stripped screw repair in all doors throughout your home or business. Repairing stripped screws in hinge and lock areas is possible in just minutes.
  • FOR #9 HINGE SCREWS ONLY (How to tell? Should measure 5/16" across screw head.)
  • 4 Packs, 8 Packs, or 12 Packs