Door Opening Hinge - Reverse Action Spring - Satin Chrome - 3 or 6 inches - Single Hinge


$ 28.79 
SKU: R4010-3-652

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Door Opening Hinges also referred to as a reverse action spring hinges are perfect if you want additional assistance opening up a door.  A typical spring hinge works to close a door, but a door opening reverse action spring hinge helps you open a door.

Product Specifications:

  • Non-template hinge for wood doors
  • Pivot points do not align with standard full mortise hinges.
  • Steel base material
  • Wood screws are included on the 3" size
  • Machine screws are included on the 6" size
  • The "Size" dimension is the height of the plate that mounts on the door and jamb.
  • The 3" hinge maximum door weight is 45 lbs using 2 hinges and 65 lbs using 3 hinges.
  • The 6" hinge maximum door weight is 125 lbs using 2 hinges and 155 lbs using 3 hinges.
  • Satin Chrome (US26D) Finish
  • These hinges cannot be mixed with other types of hinges on the same door.

These hinges are special order.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.