T Hinge Installation

We have all the T Hinge Installation Instructions and Specs available on this page for easy reference.  T Hinges are a combination of strap hinge and a butt hinge.  They come with countersunk holes and are generally mounted to wooden doors and frames.  They are most commonly used on gates, garage doors, and a variety of doors to add a decorative classic rustic look. 

General T Hinge Installation Instructions:

1. Determine Proper Hinge Location

Support the gate in desired position and determine the proper location for your T Hinge. The longer part of the "T" will attach to the moving object, and the shorter part of the "T" will attach to the stationary object.

2. Mark Screw Location and Drill Pilot Holes
Make sure hinge is square to vertical edge, and mark where the screws will be located. Drill pilot holes which will help to keep from the material from splitting.

3. Fasten the Screws
Align hinge pins, keep straps parallel, and keep gate level. Secure screws to the stationary object first, and then to the moving object.

T Hinge Product Index Specs:

Stainless Steel T Hinges:

Black T Hinges:

White T Hinges:

Galvanized T Hinges:

Zinc T Hinges: