Padlockable Drop Bolts

The Q-Bolt is a stylish and affordable drop bolt solution, providing higher quality options that current mild steel or stainless steel drop bolts. Q-Bolt is key-lockable and available in 24".  The Q-Bolt is made from high-grade stainless steel that has gone through an electro-polishing process to add to its rust-resistance. It is then powder coated black to further protect it from corrosion.  Because locking security is only required in certain
situations or applications, an optional “padlockable” feature has been built into the Q-Bolt.  For convenience, the Q-Bolt also offers a lock storage facility for when the padlock is not being used. A bolt retention feature prevents the rod from dropping and dragging across the driveways and also keeps
the rod from being pulled out of the brackets when mounted to a gate.